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Stepwise Guidelines to Spoiler an Image on iOS, Android and Desktop Discord

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Most Discord users dread the spoiler territory.

That’s normal. Isn’t it?

Let’s say you provided chemistry assignment help the entire week to watch the missed episodes of Peaky Blinders at the weekends. But, the moment you join Discord, you find someone already shared the spoilers. Wouldn’t that ruin your excitement to watch the rest of the show?

This is where the role of spoiler tags comes into play.

With spoiler tags, you can mark individual parts of messages or the entire message as a spoiler. This will help other users know that they are not ready to see that content.

You can also use spoiler tags to hide attachments. You will get the option ‘Mark as Spoiler’ every time you upload an attachment on the desktop version of Discord. Click on it and proceed.

Read on to understand how to spoiler an image on Discord.

How to add spoiler tags to an image on Discord Android and iOS App?

Whether you use Discord on Android or iOS, the methods to add spoiler tags to an image are the same. Here are the steps to follow to spoiler images on Discord Android and iOS app:

Upload the attachment

Open the text area where you write the messages. Click on the ‘+’ sign button on the left bottom corner. It lets you upload the attachment.

Choose the image

Go through your images and pick the photo that you want to post and spoiler. Don’t worry; the image will not be automatically sent if you just select it.

Tap and hold the chosen image

By now, the image that you chose should show in the textbox area. Tap on the image and hold it for a second. Once you release it, you will find a multiple options window for the photo.

Tick the ‘Mark the Spoiler’ checkbox on the left bottom corner.

You should find the ‘Mark as Spoiler’ option in the options Window box. Mark the image as a spoiler by tapping on the checkbox. Next, tap anywhere above the window to close the menu.

Verify the spoiler

The image you chose appears blurry in the text window initially. If the image doesn’t seem blurry, then something might be wrong. Start over in that case. You can also add texts to your message, but it isn’t mandatory.

Finally, send the spoiler image.

Now you can send the image as a spoiler after you have verified it. Now upload the image to the server, and it will show ‘SPOILER’ on it. Whenever other people see the image, they will see ‘SPOILER’ on it.

Now, the users will understand the image you sent is a spoiler. So, they need to tap on the image to see it. And they can avoid it if they are not ready yet.

Besides adding spoiler tags to images, users are also often required to add spoilers to texts. So, let’s see how to add spoilers to images and texts on desktops.

How to spoiler images on Discord via Desktop?

The steps for adding spoiler tags to an image on a desktop are quite similar to the steps for mobile. All you have to do is upload the attachment by clicking on the ‘+’ sign in the text message box. Click on the ‘Mark as Spoiler’ button to mark the image as a spoiler. Voila! Now users can see and understand that image you shared on Discord is a spoiler.

How to spoiler texts on Discord via Desktop?

Here are the steps to follow to add spoiler tags to a text on Discord via Desktop:

  • Open the chat where you want to add the spoiler.
  • Highlight the specific part of the message that you want to mark as a spoiler.
  • Right-click on it.
  • Select the ‘Mark the Spoiler’ option.
  • Send the message.

If you have followed all the steps correctly, the texts that you want to add spoilers to should be hidden in a black box. The user needs to click on the box to see what’s the message.

Alternate ways

There are two alternative ways you can use the spoiler on Discord via Desktop.

  1. Using Markdown Syntax

Use bars such as || to wrap the text. Send the message, and it will automatically show up as spoilers.

  • Using function or spoiler in the chatbox

Write ‘/spoiler’ before any message to mark it as a spoiler.

How to add spoiler tags to texts on Discord via Android and iOS?

You need to follow the same steps for adding spoilers on Android and iOS discord apps. The steps are:

  • Open the chat inside the app.
  • Use bars like || to wrap the text that you want to mark as spoilers. The text is supposed to look like this:
  • ||spoiler||

The text will automatically appear as a spoiler.

Wrapping Up,

Discord is one of the most popular IM clients among Patreon creators, gamers, and Redditors. The platform rose to popularity, especially during the pandemic, due to its capability to connect with friends and peers irrespective of their geographical locations. Born from an obscure game, discord is now a social hub for young people. From jumping into a call with a single click to sharing your screen, this platform provides a wide array of features. The advent of spoiler tags made it easier for users to hide texts or images from people who were not ready for that. Follow the above-mentioned steps and spoiler images efficiently.


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