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Which FIFA coin seller is the best?

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FIFA Coins are essential in the FIFA 22 FUT mode as gamers have to regularly upgrade their players and teams to have a successful experience in the tournaments. EA Sport has made it possible to receive coins in every mode and every match you play. That being said, EA also declared that transferring coins from one account to another is a violation of terms and will end up in banned. So as you can see, acting recklessly and violating the EA rules is not a smart move.

Even with the strict EA Sport rules, there are some websites that are willing to transfer FIFA coins for you. These websites buy or sell coins to you legitimately and in order to find them, you have to factor in some crucial standards regarding EA guidelines. So we’re here to find out what websites are safe to purchase cheap FIFA coins from?

Finding the best FIFA coin seller

It’s hard to make a decision when you find hundreds of FIFA coin-selling websites. You may doubt if they’re truly legit and if their coins going to work in the game, and you have the absolute right to ask these questions. So how to decide which websites are trustworthy and recognize scam ones? Here are some essential aspects to check when you visit a coin selling website:

Providing Legit FIFA Coins

The only way that coin transferring works is through the in-game process. Every legit coin seller must know this by now and consider the latest EA (Electronic Arts) Guideline in order to never risk penalizing your account. If the coins are not legit and not going to be useful at FIFA 22, due to using an old platform to send coins, scamming, etc. EA is going to notice the suspicious activity in your account and ban you permanently.

The Fast Delivery Services

Each FIFA coin selling website uses a different transferring method and platform, so measuring the delivery time might be wrong here. Depending on the transfer method and the number of coins you ordered it may take 24 hours or less and in some cases 2-4 business days. If a coin-selling website is trusted and professional, it provides more than 2-3 payment methods for different needs to speed up the work.

Valid Payment Methods

Paying for the FIFA coins you ordered is the next subject we’re going to talk about. It’s not easy for everybody to trust online websites and enter their credit card info because there’s always the risk of getting scammed. So, the best FUT coin providers must accept dependable payment methods like PayPal, Mastercard, Paysafecard, etc.
Note that trustable online websites must use SSL certificates and positive reviews from verifiable traders. You can search for reviews on the rating websites like Trustami or Trustpilot. Never purchase online goods if you can’t find the crucial information you need or doubt your payment safety.

Responsive Customer Service

Let’s say you have questions or issues in the middle of the process. What would you do if the customer service don’t respond? or respond very late? This is the last thing you need, especially if you have already paid for the FUT coins and have issues. So before making the payment, call the support team and make sure they’re valid and active before trading coins on any website. Trustworthy FIFA coin suppliers usually offer more than one way to contact them. They have active social media accounts, emails, and direct calls, as well as live chats and DM services.

To sum up

You need to figure out what you need first, and then look for a website that suits you the best. Every website is different and offers various deals that you may not find on other websites. For example, WhatsGaming has occasional discount codes depending on the currently running event in FIFA 22, always posts the latest FIFA content on the website’s blog and social media, has 24/7 customer service, excellent after-sale services (including guarantee), refund policy, and a lot more. So if you want to have a good experience in buying FIFA coins, you should look for the best websites like WG.


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