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It might seem like you’re spending a lot at first

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Also, if you don’t meet the requirements for questing the helms of the ship, do them. If you are planning to runescape gold undertake any kind of slaying, you must do the Smoking Kills quest as soon as you are able. Don’t be afraid to test out different techniques and see what you like best.

This whole setup will cost you about 2-2.5M and is a fantastic overall setup for killing. Remember to also use some of that cash to buy super sets (Super Strength/Attack/Defence potions) that you should be using on ALL your slayer tasks.

It might seem like you’re spending a lot at first but it improves your efficiency dramatically and is definitely worth it. In addition, you’ll get a profit from your slayer drops/clue scrolls as well.

In a training melee situation where defense is irrelevant only the attack and prayer are considered. In PC, the prayer is useful along with the attack. Prayer bonus doesn’t impact dps as much as effect the use of the prayer pot if you’re doing the prayer in-between of pc. So its down to 10 attack and 4 str. Which is better? I would say, under the right situation str amy is superior to glory. PC is an example I have used through out.

The Fury appears to be the best of both worlds because it uses the same attack, but cuts down the str gap making it far more viable in all situations. With the additional prayer and 15 defenses to all things, it’s not surprising that it is in the millions.

We don’t all have that cash, and furies are so fragile that i am not very comfortable holding one (even tho i am right at the moment) so i’d love to hear about your opinions… What do you think? Does the glory always come from the str ammy? Are there other scenarios besides PC where the strammy might shine?

I cut for around an hour each day and I was able to get from 80 to 99 in about three months. You’ll be playing an awful lot though, so within 26-35 days. I’m sorry but I don’t disagree with this in any way even though I’m just 91 years old. woodcutting. However, I tried to time myself for an hour without losing my way and came up with approximately the 77k mark …. according to your table I should be able to have gotten 93k. …. And yes, it was using an axe for dragons…

These are the averages. The lowest I achieve, and I’m always abscond, is 60k an hour. In other times, I’ve had 103k exp an hour. Ivies are 75k exp/hr, and 80k is pushing it. 3-4 weeks is a reasonable estimate depending on your current speed. If you’re bored, are able to osrs coins for sale do Stealing Creation for Hatchets which provide double experience. For the question about firemaking the average amount of logs burned for an hour of 1000. This means it’s going to take 100 hours or less.

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