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Home automation

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smart home comic

Home automation can be used throughout the house, each room has specific functions that can be optimized through home automation. These are the main rooms where home automation can play an important role in terms of comfort, safety, and energy savings.

  • The living room and the bedrooms;
  • The kitchen and bathroom;
  • The garage, the garden and the swimming pool.

The comfort in the living room is improved thanks to home automation

Home automation brings progress in terms of heating and lighting management.

  • You can program your heating to be dimmed once you fall asleep.
  • This way, you save energy while improving your comfort.
  • The lighting is also programmable, and the intensity of the brightness can precisely match what you want.
  • You can also schedule the HiFi system to turn on or off, so you can play music whenever you want.

Home automation can reduce water consumption in the kitchen and bathroom

Thanks to heating programming and automation, you can greatly reduce your consumption of domestic hot water.

  • With the help of water leak sensor installed on the faucet, you can reduce your water consumption.
  • For example, if the flow rate of a tap is too high, you can reduce it after a few seconds.
  • You can also program the operation of a washing machine or tumble dryer to activate at a selected time.
  • There are mirrors that can broadcast television images when you take a bath, for example.

The advantages of home automation also concern the garage, the garden, and the swimming pool

Home automation finds a function in all the rooms of a house.

  • In the garden, home automation can have several uses: lighting management or automatic watering.
  • As with the pool, you can install a security barrier and remotely control its opening through the home automation interface.
  • The garage door can also be electric and remotely controlled thanks to wifi home automation.
  • There are also home automation devices that can replace human action: for example, the pool cleaner or the automatic lawnmower.
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