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Podcast # 15 – How to build large audiences, who belong to you and generate business for you

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In our Marketing Leaders podcast we bring you the fourteenth episode: ” How to build large audiences, who belong to you and generate business for you . “

Today, Pau Valdés interviews Álex López , the only Hispanic in the top 10 of the most important influencers in the world on social selling issues, who is also an expert in employee branding and the most recognized Hispanic consultant for retails throughout Europe in terms of digital sales are concerned.

Alex is a researcher for the future of sales . He is always experimenting, innovating, and leaving behind a legacy of useful knowledge for the sales and marketing industry. His philosophy is to create things always thinking about the future. Otherwise, you end up doing what everyone else already does.

For this reason, we will analyze 4 innovative strategies that have worked very well for creating and exploiting digital audiences.

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In this podcast, Álex and Pau talk about:

  1. What is and why is it causing such a sensation? is defined by Álex as the “first place of knowledge about digital sales”. Created in January 2020, it is an innovative platform in which sales representatives from any sector can take a test to evaluate their knowledge in sales, then compare their results with all other participants worldwide and, finally, access a series of free training content on digital sales.

The result?

  • In just 3 months of operation, the test has already been carried out by more than 4,700 vendors in Spain and Latin America , thus generating a database of high strategic value.
  • The virality of the platform has been such that the test is not only being used by high-level managers, but it has also been implemented by business schools in their master’s degrees in business management.
  1. The Golden Years of LinkedIn Groups

Today, there are nearly 2 million groups on LinkedIn, but in 2010 these were almost non-existent. At that time, Álex set himself the challenge of building several of his own audiences on the platform, and created two closed groups: Retail Meeting Point and Compensation and Benefits . In the first, only professionals from the retail sector were allowed to enter, and in the second, only human resources professionals.

The result?

  • The audience for Retail Meeting Point reached about 17,000 users, and that for Conversatory Benefits, about 15,000. The interesting thing is that, as they are closed and exclusive groups, all the contacts were very well qualified , depending on the segments they wanted to reach.
  • As administrator of the groups, Álex sent an email to the 32,000 users once a week, with valuable information and promoting his training services. As they are two highly qualified and extensive databases, this action allowed it to generate demand at unprecedented levels.
  1. How was the first online retail congress in Spain?

Today, organizing an online conference is normal, but in 2010 it was “unthinkable”. However, like all pioneers, that year Álex created the first online retail congress in Spain.

Skymarketing offers wonderful space propelled lodgings and a powerful social scene at awe inspiring territories like smart city lahore.

The result?

  • At the profitability level, it was not successful, since the concept of a 100% “digital” congress was unknown to people, and there was the expectation that it was being paid to be a participant in a physical event. This showed that Álex’s idea was well ahead of the time, but it also demonstrated the great vision of what was already coming in the future .
  • Although the return on investment was not positive, the visibility gained by the communications strategies was enormous. Álex was able to become known as the organizer of the first online congress in Spain .
  1. An ebook about LinkedIn in a time when there were no ebooks and no talk about LinkedIn

In 2013, content marketing began to reach Spain thanks to InboundCycle . It was a strategy as innovative as it was unknown at the time. It was then that Álex and Pau (founder of the agency) wanted to experiment with generating content by publishing an ebook on LinkedIn.

The result?

  • In a very short time, the ebook downloads generated more than 7,000 qualified leads. The keys to success were, on the one hand, that the ebook was a fairly new and attractive format, and, on the other, that there was little content on LinkedIn on the internet, but many people were interested in knowing more about this platform.

In conclusion, Álex is an expert creating communities and generating demand. This is not only achieved through innovation and vision for the future, but also thanks to knowing how to care for and value audiences.

“I believe that anyone who makes a comment, you have to answer it, just like anyone who asks me for contact on LinkedIn, I’m going to reply … We all like to be taken into account.”

Alex Lopez.

Listen to the detailed explanation of these topics right now or download the episode and listen to it whenever you feel like it.

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If you have any questions or have any questions for Álex or Pau, we encourage you to leave them in the comments section so that they can solve it for you.

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