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    List of Government housing projects

    There are the following government housing projects:

    Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme
    Ravi Housing Scheme
    Ashiana Housing Scheme
    DHA Housing Scheme

    Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme

    The Prime Minister of Pakistan, Mr. Imran Khan launched a Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme for the needy people in Pakistan. This project is purely assigned for merit. every bank gives a loan for this scheme. The procedure for this program is very easy. First of all, we are applying for an online portal for this program. After submission of the application, within 15 days the referred bank representative calls you for further verification.

    Eligibility Criteria
    The applicant should be a resident of Pakistan.
    No property or any asset should be registered against the name of the applicant.
    must have their own home, and that property is bound not to sell the house for 05 years.

    Ravi River Housing Scheme

    Ravi River Housing Scheme is a part of the Naya Pakistan housing scheme that will be developed by the government of Punjab. This housing scheme includes modern features in every type of facility, in simple words, this scheme is a modern facility in the history of Pakistan. That is why Mr.Imran called for this scheme to be completed quickly, including standard construction.

    Ashiana Housing Scheme

    The Ashiana Housing Scheme is a Punjab government plan for poor and needy people with low monthly income. The project is for Punjab residents only. The Punjab government has announced that it will provide the best payment plan to support the very poor to help reduce their social issues.

    DHA Housing Scheme

    Defence Housing Authority is a living society. Particularly government employees and retired army persons. DHA provides innovative models of modern living.

    DHA is one of the modern housing societies in Pakistan. that is the reason for people willing to live in this society. DHA is a fully safe society because the security system is very strong.

    DHA offers 5 marla house for sale in every phase.