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    Say I visit someguy1 and im someguy2… I will either right click him click ask friendship… if he accecpts he gets added to my friend list and I get additional to his. Or when we meet at a clan conversation and someguy1 opens his buddies list and clicks add, then types my name it can convey to someguy2: Someguy1 is requesting friendship… and also you can either dismiss it or right click the message to take.

    Also perhaps there can be a brand new chat filter item called buddy asks. . .like the way you can turn off assistance… you can just turn this off too… just if the friend requests begin spamming you. Maybe there should be a limit of how many requests you may make. . .like possibly 1 or two and then you have to wait an hour before you can send the petition to this person again. This may help keep unwanted people from adding random people and start spamming them.

    So I had been thinking how P2P players possess dragons and abyssal demons to train on and the way they can train on a monster that is both relatively speedy training and contains some pretty decent drops. The maximum lvl monster (besides a revenant) that an F2P player can train on is a larger demon that are only found in deep wild and rarely give excellent drops. And fighting a greater demon is similar to asking to get a rev assault.

    Abilities should be for leveling up such as having the ability to have your own pets do your job sometimes with the reduction of summoning points. You’ll need to renew your points at the alter in Taverley. A recharge penalty as summoning however, the fantastic side is having motif catch fish by swimming . And have them kill small things like cows and rats. Just land creatures. But instruction creatures would be fun exactly like a real pet.

    I was thinking , with the pking update. Anyways,I thought to myself”some people have told me they miss it because of plan, because c wars, bounty hunter, etc, have a near blank stadium.

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