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    At the Ardougne market, shoppers can spot stalls with baked goods. These tables are where we are able to steal cakes that be very quick to get us from level 5 to 20. These cakes are also fantastic for Ironman characters since they restore 12 health points each so when you’re an Ironman ensure you bring the cakes to your bank. There are times when you’ll be attacked by a guard and you will have to escape or shoot him in order to continue.

    Similar to the process we used before, we will also be stealing from a silk stall in Ardougne. This time our focus will be on the silk vendors who are in the same place as bakers. It is important to note that this option can earn an easy way to earn money since there is the option of selling silks to the silk merchant in Al’Kharid.

    For this method to begin, you need 15% favor for Hosidius house. It might appear to be a waste of time doing this only to get inside but it’s not. This technique is twice as fast as any other available activity during training on these levels.

    Before you begin just make sure you lock two security dogs inside the house so they don’t disturb you. repeat this process every time you come back to the same spot. It is important to remember that after you hit stage 30, you’ll be able to unlock Feud quest which is needed in order to unlock blackjacking. The quest also rewards players who have at least 15k in Thieving and is a must to complete.

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