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Duck Feet for canines

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Duck Feet for canines  are high in protein and normally heavenly. These got dried out treats contain no fake added substances or additives and are a hit with our canine clients.

Crunchy dental bite

Single-fixing protein nibble

Exceptionally edible

Sustenance Facts:

Calorie Content ME 4300

Carbohydrate content ME 4300

Calories Each 56

Rough Fat Min 20.0%

Rough Fiber Max 1.0%

Rough Protein Min 25.0%

Dampness Max 10.0%

Item Specifications:

Bite Meter Light

Canine Size Small, Medium

Life Stage Young, Adult, Senior, All Stages

If it’s not too much trouble, manage your canine when giving any bite or treat and guarantee your puppy has simple admittance to new water previously, during, and after treat utilization. Eliminate little or broken pieces to forestall any potential gagging risk. Kindly be aware of your pet’s age, wellbeing, and current eating regimen conditions while choosing items. On the off chance that our treats or bites are a new for your canine, we suggest just allowing your canine to bite around 1 all at once to stay away from stomach upset because of the conceivable change in diet fixings. After they have delighted in around 3 to 5 treats or bites over a 3-multi day time frame, their stomach ought to be comfortable with the expanded protein and you can securely treat at your prudence! If it’s not too much trouble, note that our items are viewed as a treat/bite and ought not make up over 10% of the every day caloric admission. Kindly note that our canine treats and bites are NOT so much for human utilization.

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