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Guidance on plagiarism for students

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The increasing availability of the internet has made it easier for everyone to have access to the desired data with a few clicks. However, that has allowed a lot of students to simply find assignment help samples online and plagiarize the content for their homework or ask to go for math homework help. To put an end to this practice, most academic institutions around the globe have taken strict measures against it. However, a lot of students are also suffering the consequences of having unintended plagiarism in their paper.

If you are also worried about having plagiarism in your paper, instead of asking the experts to “do my assignment”, simply follow the steps mentioned below.

  1. Prepare everything from scratch:

If you have referred to a sample solution before attending your essay assignment, there is a chance that you may write certain things in your paper, which resembles certain pieces of the sample. So, it is better that you prepare the paper from scratch. It means you need to conduct fresh research and work on a fresh idea. Most essay help providers follow this measure to produce plagiarism checker free solutions.

  1. Cite the sources of data:

Now, citations and references are an essential part of academic writing. So, when you use any external reference in your paper to support your arguments, it is important that you acknowledge the original author and the source material as per the instructed guidelines. Based on the instructed referencing style (be it APA, MLA, or Vancouver referencing), you will have to perform in-text citations as well as put the reference entries in the Reference List.

  1. Run several plagiarism checks:

While the previous two measures allow you to avoid plagiarism traces to a great extent, there are chances that you may have unintentionally written the exact same thing as written in someone else’s work. To identify those plagiarism traces, you need to run several plagiarism checks on your paper using tools like DupliChecker, Plagiarisma, CopyScape, etc.

  1. Replace the plagiarism traces:

If the plagiarism checks detect any traces of plagiarism in your paper, you need to replace the highlighted texts with fresh content. You can consider replacing that paragraph with new information or simply paraphrasing the sentences to maintain the same essence of the content. Do not forget to run the plagiarism check on your document once you replace the content.

With these effective measures, you can create plagiarism-free assignments every time and paraphrase your assignment by using paraphrasing tool.


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