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Geointelligence, auxiliary to the real estate sector in times of crisis: Georesearch

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The Covid-19 pandemic has affected various sectors, including real estate, and has caused a context of uncertainty, for which geointelligence is presented as a useful tool, since it focuses on the exploitation and advanced analysis of data , obtained through geospatial information collection systems , that can provide clear views to make accurate decisions .

Geointelligence and Big Data

In the words of Rodrigo Nazer , Vice President of Sales of Georesearch LATAM geointelligence is a solution that allows diagnosing and evaluating a potential terrain , through a set of information layers , which show the optimal conditions to develop a business model in a specific location .

For the real estate sector , geointelligence facilitates the creation of applicable indicators in reactive scenarios , that is, with known locations to be evaluated; or in proactive scenarios , in which regional areas are evaluated; from them, to originate predictive models that enable more meticulous decisions and lower risk .

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This instrument is used to know, for example, what are the preferential characteristics that a property should have for a particular location, as well as the  appropriate price and what will be its speed of sale , explained Rodrigo Nazer in an interview with Inmobiliare.

Rodrigo Nazer, Vice President of Sales Georesearch

“In the case of Mexico, we have a great platform for demographic data, land use, and mobility, so that in this way, real estate developers can evaluate each one of the plans they are making.”

According to the vice president of the company, predictor models can have an accuracy greater than 90% and a margin of error of between 5 and 7 percent .

“The important thing is in how the information is handled, because if you use incorrect data, the result will be negative, we know that Georesearch works with very good data because we have a margin of error of 5%,” he said.

The use of this type of technology in industries is becoming more and more common. Nazar foresees an increase in the demand for geoinformation solutions since they allow reducing risk in decision-making , something key in situations of instability and conjuncture.

“When there is a political, economic or social crisis, geointelligence is essential because it helps reduce risk at times when you cannot fail. It helps us to have more tools to be able to say we are going with this project ”he expressed.

Currently, the technology company works for clients in the real estate and retail sectors in Chile, Mexico, Peru, Colombia, Panama, Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay and the United States.

Regional analysis, the case of the Monterrey Metropolitan Area

As part of an assessment of the Monterrey Metropolitan Area (ZMM), Georesearch identified that it has been a point of attraction for the business sector, which has resulted in an increase in the income of Monterrey families and an opportunity for the investment in the real estate sector.

Monterrey Metropolitan Area

The ZMM is made up of 13 municipalities inhabited by 4 million people , and by about 1 million households that register a monthly income of 30 thousand MXN , for a total of 3,000 million pesos .

San Nicolás de la Garza has a monthly income per household of approximately 35 thousand pesos , followed by Monterrey with 34 thousand pesos , both higher than the average for the rest of the country which corresponds to 16 thousand. For this reason, 47% of the ZMM’s real estate offer is located in these municipalities.

Of the total real estate units for sale 76% are houses, which tend to have higher prices. For rent , there are approximately 5,000 units of which 36% are apartments. The 64% of properties for sale , have a value of 4 billion pesos , while 28% of residential units for rent is above the 30 thousand pesos a month .

Regarding the retail sector, there are currently 200 shopping centers operating with a commercial area of ​​2,700 m2 , equivalent to 0.63 m2 of profitable commercial area for each inhabitant.








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