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Any digital marketing strategy requires the effort not only of a prepared team, but also of the necessary resources to carry it out. But what happens when resources are limited? To find out, in this article we present eight tips your marketing team can follow to get the most out of your budget, without sacrificing results.

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Actions to make the most of your budget

Companies seek to achieve the greatest number of results with the smallest budget possible, and although this sounds more like an impossible mission, it is viable if you put the following eight actions into practice.


  1. Define the right goals for your business

For these types of projects, the first question that you and your team should ask yourself is: what do we want to achieve with our marketing efforts? Having this clarity gives them the opportunity to choose the type of strategy and those stages in which it will be essential to invest money.


  1. Choose the type of strategy according to your objectives

Each company has its own objectives, so once you have them clear, it is time to choose the right type of strategy to achieve them. Here it is important to evaluate the costs since it is not the same to invest in  content marketing  , have a presence in social networks or attract potential clients through Google Adwords.


  1. Use the information you have available to your advantage

Having the data of those users who visit your website allows you to maintain contact with them and join forces to achieve a sale. To do this, you need to create a database with all the emails you have available. Plus, you can save money by using tools that offer free  email marketing  plans like MailerLite or MailChimp.


  1. Look for  influencers who connect with your brand

The influence that certain people achieve today can positively impact your company. Make your team connect with the most recognized  influencers  in your city, introduce your brand to them and choose those that you know will be able to attract a greater number of potential clients.  


  1. Motivate your followers to generate content

Nowadays, using what your clients publish about your brand gives visibility to them and to your company, it allows you to reinforce both trust and your image. Using the content generated by them is a trend used by many brands on various platforms such as Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.


  1. Choose correctly in which social networks to have a presence

Just as not all companies target the same audiences, it is also important that your business choose those social networks in which its messages will resonate and connect more with the defined  buyer persona  , that is, not all social platforms are for all types of companies. In addition, it is important to evaluate how much budget is needed to cover aspects such as design, production, editing, etc.


  1. Generate attractive and different content

There are many companies that choose to copy thinking that this will generate the same results as their competition. However, there is nothing further from the truth. Focus your time, money and equipment on developing content that is attached to your goals, is innovative and takes the consumer into account. Doing this will save you money up front.


  1. Review and evaluate

For each stage and each step that your team takes, it is necessary to evaluate results in relation to the money invested. Doing so will allow them to make the necessary adjustments to follow and ensure that no effort is counterproductive.

In short, to optimize and properly distribute the budget, your team needs to stick to the initial objectives, review the results throughout each stage and invest or readjust at all times based on them.



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