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How to Resolve the Epson Printer Communication Error?

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Epson is among the most popular brands for printers. The printers are high-end and feature advanced technology at a low cost. Since its beginning, Epson maintained the quality of its printers. In spite of the latest features, communication errors is a frequent issue for Epson printers. We can all understand by the term ‘communication’ may occur because of a loss of connection. The error can also be referred to as Epson error 9923 on a printer. Therefore, in this article, we’re going to talk about some simple ways to resolve the Epson Printer Communication Error .

Furthermore, we have our Onion Support team is always ready to assist you by providing the correct solution. But before we get to solutions, it is important to understand the root of this problem. Therefore, we recommend that you look into the root causes for your Epson printer error below.

Communications Error Probable Causes:

There may be a fault that is the reason for the error due to. Therefore, first look into the causes of this error. These are:

  • The power cord for the printer could not be connected.
  • It is possible that your PC is having issues connecting with the printer.
  • Another cause could be an unreliable printer.
  • It is possible to encounter the similar error if your application software is damaged.
  • Additionally, the issue could occur when your computer isn’t equipped with enough memory that can handle the amount of data you store.
  • The error could arise because of any of the above reasons. To eliminate the issue, follow the steps outlined within this post.

How to fix an Epson Communication Error Printer? Simple Hacks

While there are many solutions to your Epson printer issues however, we will present several of the more precise solutions to fix the issue quickly. We recommend take a look at the suggestions listed below.

1.) You must restart your computer
This is the main solution to fix Epson Printer Communication Error. The first step is to switch off your computer and the printer. Unplug all USB cables. After that, you should sit for a few minutes before turning the computer on. Once again, connect to the USB cables to your computer. Check if it’s functioning or not. If not, follow this step.

2) Install the latest version of Your Windows Operating System
This is among the primary reasons the reason you might encounter this error. The problem with communication could be caused by the Windows Operating System is obsolete. If you’re looking for a way to fix a problem with communication on your Epson Printer, do not. It is necessary to update the version of your Windows Operating System with the most current version in order to prevent this error from happening. For a way to update your OS you should follow the instructions below.

Then, you need to open your computer and then click the button Start.
Find Windows Update in the box which appears in the display.
If you receive this message warning, then click on ‘Windows Update’. ‘
If the profile is up-to-date You can log into “Admin User’s Profile. ‘

3.) Other Solutions
There are other options for resolving Error Codes for Epson Printer Communications Error.

Verify the connection of the scanner on the printer, if you’ve altered the settings of the scanner.
You must now install the scanner, as well as connect it via USB connection to your device properly.
Make sure you check the power buttons, the wires, USB and the other connections.
It is recommended to connect the Epson printer with an USB cable.
Additionally, you can reset the printer system to rid yourself of the issue.
We are hoping that the issue with communication in Epson printer will be fixed after trying these methods. If you’re still having the same issue We recommend you reach out to our support team via Oniton Support.

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