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Friday Night Funkin’ flash-based game

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Ninjamuffin99 has put together a game called Friday Night Funkin’ that is similar to PaRappa the Rapper and Dance Dance Revolution. The game can be played on flash-based sites or downloaded for PC through Newgrounds and native stores.

The current game prototype was released on November 15, 2020; the full game has not been released. (As of this date, the full game has not been fully release).

The game is similar to typographic machines in that you press specific keys and the computer or another player does the same. Whoever has more points wins, and if you don’t press the correct key in time and/or fail to hit it, this will make you lose points.

If you’re looking to get along with your girlfriend’s father, he has put you under pressure to beat him at the same game. Although it will be difficult to out-sing a former rockstar, it is possible. It seems that even after you have finished with his dumbass it will still be difficult to out-sing an ex-rockstar.

You’ll see characters that are:
Boyfriend (Protagonist)
Daddy Dearest {Father} (Antagonist)
Girlfriend (Support Character)
Skid and Pump (Antagonist)
Pico (Antagonist)
Monster (Antagonist)
MILF {Mother} (Antagonist)
Lucky Guitar (Scrapped Character)

The protagonist of Friday Night Funkin’ is a boy with no confirmed name that constantly gets into trouble and sings off with people.
Our boyfriend is confirmed to be scared of thunder, because when he was not rapping during Skid & Pump’s level, his sprite changed to discomfort due to the sound of thunder.
Many fans claim he resembles Hatsune Miku because of his voice’s Vocaloid-like quality and blue hair.

Daddy Dearest
Daddy Dearest is the father and antagonist in Week 1. The main protagonist, the Boyfriend has to rap against Father in order to impress him and get his approval as his daughter’s boyfriend. Daddy Dearest’s songs are Bopeebo, Fresh, Dad Battle. Daddy Dearest is confirmed by name “Luis”.

Girlfriend is part of the core story, and she was seen sitting on the boombox while her rival tried to steal, protect or kill her. The tutorial shows you how to play. It was confirmed that Girlfriend likes Cherry Dr Pepper by ninja_muffin99’s tweet. She’s afraid of thunder, seen in a split frame from the Week 2 stage. She can also cry occasionally when you fail to hit a note during 10 combo. In the Week 3 stage, GF will have her hair blowing in the air as she passes by trains passing by on different tracks at night!

Skid and Pump
Skid and Pump are two unplayable characters from the second week of the game. Their songs are “Spookeez” and “South.” Skid wears a skeleton costume, while Pump is dressed in pumpkin attire..
Skid, with a black suit and white head, sits atop the word Pump and holds up a microphone in his left hand. Skid is wearing a drawing of ribs on his suit that extends from shoulder to hip.
The pumpkin-faced Pump wears a black suit as well as white gloves and a white collar. On his head, he has the typical features of a pumpkin-two eyes that are carved out in front of each eye hole.
These two characters from an annual series, which is done by a Youtuber named Sr Pelo called Spooky Month to celebrate Halloween each year are not afraid of the spooks and shenanigans they get up to.

Pico is an antagonist in Week 3, his tracks include Pico, Philly and Blammed.
He has orange round-ish hair, green shirt and light brown trousers. He is also holding a microphone and an UZI or MAC-10. His jokes about him being exes with the Boyfriend were joked about to be true before he confirmed it was a joke again. There is a strong collaboration with TomFulp in the creation of Pico. The game has an animated character and he also appears as one if you reverse the source code (which would be interesting to try!).

The Monster is an unused character in Friday Night Funkin’. The concept of the character was scrapped last minute before they were meant to be released with Skid and Pump on Halloween update. It appears as a humanoid figure made up from dark scribbles atop a violet body, which is mostly exposed at its neck. They typically have two fingers and two toes. The Monster has a lemon-shaped head with large, black eyes and mouth that extends to the bottom of his face, as well as blood staining from their teeth’s roots.
Judging by the Monster’s lemon head and their tone of voice, they are most likely a reference to Lemon Demon – an internet comedian who goes by the musical pseudonym Neil Cicierega. This may be due to his music being incredibly popular on Newgrounds in the early 2000s, which is also where “The Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny” released was ranked up 13 million views alone. Despite the name, it is not certain if this level was actually created by an actual monster. It’s possible that it took inspiration from a real life person. The creator of Friday Night Funkin’ has confirmed that these files are related to this level and her creation, but she also noted on Reddit that she herself does not know who made them or when they were added! This information should encourage more people to submit their own levels for consideration in future game updates, which will surely lead to even more variety and replayability across the entirety of the map!
The game will have a mapped version of the song if you access the debug menu and change “Dad” or “Spookeez” to the Monster. After doing this, go to Song tab and change name of current song by typing in “Monster”. Next reload .JSON file through one of buttons on Song area from Debug mode. However, it may take 3-5 tries before correct code is loaded into game! It won’t be fully playable because camera gets stuck at half way point due not being programmed properly yet.

The Mom
The Mom is Week 4. She is the antagonist and the spouse of Daddy Dearest. Satin Panties are High and M.I.L.F. The Mom has a demonic appearance with dark brown skin and long, dark hair. She also wears a black jacket with a red dress underneath, black leather boots with golden necklaces and bracelets. She has long nails in her left hand and is holding onto the microphone in that hand while clutching it tightly. The Mom is the first female antagonist of Week 4 who was revealed early on during a sneak peak for Ninjamuffin99’s Twitter on December 18 2020.

Lucky Guitar
The scraped character known as Lucky Guitar is a sock puppet, wearing a cyan hat and owning an orange guitar. He has pink stripes and one connected eye on each side of his face. Not much else is known about him, but he does have an actual song here! While it’s not his real song, he’ll be using the track to make a video game or film adaptation of this song. The character is based on DomRomArt’s Twitter account, Lucky Boy. He will release an independent movie or short film in 2021 according to this social media account.

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