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What You Need to Know About Tesla Car Insurance?

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Get a Tesla insurance quote if you live in California. Elsewhere you may have to wait a while, but make no mistake Tesla car insurance is working to be available in more places. Why does Tesla want to sell insurance for electric cars? Well one reason is obvious but the others may not be.

Tesla Builds, Sells and Repairs Vehicles through Their Own Dealer Network

If you own a new Tesla vehicle you bought it from Tesla. They don’t have dealers who sell several different marques in one showroom. They sell Tesla’s. If repairs are needed the service is done by Tesla. Now Tesla wants to sell you the insurance to protect your vehicle in the event of an accident, theft or other damage. They believe that a Tesla is best serviced by Tesla Techs. Currently Tesla only sells insurance in California through a regional insurance company but they are licensing themselves in other states always working with a local or regional insurer.

Why Does Tesla Want To Sell Insurance?

Several reasons are apparent. They feel that they know their vehicles best and want them repaired properly with technicians who understand the complexity that is a Tesla electric vehicle. They feel that by concentrating on insurance for their vehicles they can offer a lower premium and indeed in California they are saving Tesla drivers some 30% over other insurers. Electric vehicles are a new type of vehicle for other insurers and many have preferred repair shop lists. Tesla wants its cars repaired by its techs so that they will have optimal performance.

When Will Tesla Insurance Be Available Elsewhere?

Tesla has begun the process of obtaining a license to insure their vehicles in two other states as of the latest available information. It is believed that their intention is ultimately to offer insurance in many more states. Their current offerings are pretty much the same things that are offered by other insurance companies: liability, collision and comprehensive insurance and towing. You can even purchase the insurance before your new Tesla is delivered. Once you have purchased your Tesla’s protection you may add other vehicles or drivers and you will be insured through their license. is a personal insurance mega site and one of the types of insurance that you can find there is vehicle coverage. Vehicle coverage for gasoline powered, Diesel powered, hybrids and all electric vehicles. This site provides free comparative insurance quotes from some of the nations most respected vehicle insurance companies. A few simple questions will get you the information you need to determine the insurance company that will give you the most protection for the lowest premium. Need to talk to an agent or get further information does that too.

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