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Hi guys! Are you afraid that your dream of writing a comic book will die inside you? Can I be honest? Maybe if you don’t plan and follow through, then everything will be fine? Here I have finally made up my mind! I’m starting my own personal comic book and I’m going to introduce you to my lovely girl and protagonist, Emmy ! I hope it will be my life’s work. Creating comics is a very important job for me and a new step in learning web design. I want to make sure my creations are freely available to readers, so here I am.

She is a tired student who will describe to you her ‘best years’ in many different ways! Parties, studies, first love and more, all for you! I will be developing my comic as quickly as possible to please you. I’d like to give a special thanks to my friend Suzy, whom I recently met in a free chat , and actually copied Emmy’s image di lei from her di lei. This person has told me the funniest stories di lei from her life di lei so I can write them for you. Expect me back very soon, I’ll be very grateful if you subscribe !!! Love you all.

Don’t put it off any longer. Take your dream and make it a reality. If you wait, you can only realize your dream of writing a successful comic book next year. You have a plan, knowledge and a solution. Your audience is waiting for you. Make a plan, fix the mistakes described above, and write a comic book that will become popular. Set it apart from the rest. Make it your own.


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