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Love poetry

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Get ready to share interesting and exciting Urdu poetry with your loved ones right now!  All those people who have been completely aware of the art and beauty of Urdu, they will probably be fond of collecting charming and beautiful Urdu poetry all the time.  As you will make a search out you will be finding so many different styles and ideas of Love poetry which you can freely share it with your friends and family mates.

Love Quotes in Urdu

Love is Life”. This is the well-said proverb. Love is a feeling that cannot be expressed in words. Love cannot be described in words so, we need something special to show our love, affection, and care. We hesitate to tell the person how much we love him/her. Love Quotes in Urdu can help solve our problems. We can send beautiful images with quotes to express our feelings.

Love is the most beautiful feeling in the world. It can change our world from black and white to colorful. We feel that we are not in this world, we are flying high in the air. Everything in the world seems to be changed. Romantic poetry in Urdu can help you share your feeling with your love that you do not want to hide. We have a beautiful collection of romantic Urdu poetry and Romantic Shayari in Urdu, ghazals, and much more. Don’t hesitate to show your love and share these beautiful hot and romantic images with Urdu poetry with your special ones.

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