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smart lock comics

A lock system generally consists of a cylinder in which the key is inserted, and a handle. A smart lock is a little different, since it consists only of the cylinder, and a small device that houses a communication module, usually Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. The system will adapt to most handles.

This type of lock can then be opened remotely, via a secure application. To do this, simply approach the door with our smartphone, or enter a code on the screen of our phone to open the door to our house, apartment or office.

The concept of the smart lock is finally part of a certain continuity of the disappearance of our physical keys, especially that of cars, or the development of mobile payment. Gradually, some everyday objects are giving way to new and more practical technologies.

How does the smart lock work?

The connector of the smart lock will detect an electronic key. It is this signal that will trigger the opening or closing of the door. In hotels, for example, locks are unlocked more and more often using a card, which passes a signal to the lock, it’s exactly the same here.

There are different communication protocols, but the most common are Bluetooth, NFC and RFID. Some locks also work via Wi-Fi and internet. However, Bluetooth will be used most often. Depending on the setting, the door can only be opened by approaching it and without having to take your hands out of your pockets.

Sometimes, the system is combined with RFID accessories, such as bracelets, badges or rings, that can be lent or left to other family members, and will work exactly the same way as the smartphone, but using a different communication protocol.

Some tips for you

Find out if you need a subscription to run the application. This is quite rare, but some manufacturers communicate little about this to sell their locks, and the customer is then almost forced to pay a monthly subscription. (This is not the case with the products I offer you above).

The assemblies are different from one model to another. If you are not a handyman at all, it is safer to get help. Installation equipment is usually provided, and it is not very complicated, but you must properly install your lock to make it effective and secure.

A smart lock operates with batteries or a battery. In principle, autonomy is very long. In principle, a notification is sent when energy is running out. Be careful about this, as some systems are very difficult to open when they are locked without a battery inside.


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