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    Loading inspection from our warehouse to door address in USA
    As for the professional freight forwarder in China, Compass Int鈥檒 Logistics can often provide the loading inspection service for you to make sure safe and quantity correct before shipping from China.
    Delivery by sea or by air to our USA warehouse, our appointed workers will also inspect the package and quantity again after it arrives.
    So door to door USA service will be handled by us to serve for our customers better. It will reduce the trouble and save time for consignee.
    Below are our warehouses in China:
    Our Loading Inspection Service can greatly reduce this risk for you, especially when quality standards are defined clearly by the client and an inspection is agreed in advance with the supplier.
    A loading inspection is useful when:
    路 You want to ensure that the right product and quantities are loaded into the container.
    路 You require the goods to be loaded according to a very specific loading plan.
    路 You are consolidating a container from multiple suppliers and want to verify quantities.
    It is normally carried out after a Pre-Shipment Inspection and in cases where a PSI is not required, it is carried out where a Client has had disputes in the past about the quantities being loaded.Loading Service At Warehouse shipping agent