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Find out how easy it is to use coupons to help your small business

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Coupon marketing, also called coupon advertising, is a way to get people to use coupons so they can get discounts on goods or services. 

To make a successful coupon ad campaign, you need to come up with a coupon marketing strategy, make attractive coupons, come up with a plan for how to distribute them, and then optimise your campaign and keep track of its results.

1. Determine and plan your coupon marketing goals

There are many other things that can be done with coupon ads. For example, using a pop-up coupon when a customer is about to leave can cut down on the number of abandoned carts and save a lot of lost revenue. About 15% of people usually click on exit-intent pop-ups, especially if you don’t ask for their email address. Other common goals of coupon advertising are:

  • To spread the word about a brand or
  • To get people to buy things on the spot (reminder advertising) (reminder advertising)
  • To generate loyalty
  • To encourage someone to do something, such a review

Once you know what you want to achieve, you can decide on a coupon marketing strategy. This means you have to decide which of the different kinds of coupons, like print coupons, digital coupons and discount codes, will help you reach your goal the most.

For example, a business that wants to get more people to open their email campaigns could use digital coupons to entice their target audience and get more people to buy. This strategy works well for this goal because 81% of people who shop online like to get emails about sales and other discounts.


Every kind has its own pros and cons

Printing and distributing physical coupons costs money, but digital coupons such as Oyo coupons, Ajio codes, etc can be sent through text messages, emails, and social media. Digital coupons are easy to send, but they can get lost in the sea of emails that most people’s inboxes are full of these days. Business owners can send this kind of coupon and track how many people use it with free tools like Askmeoffers.


Make sure that the look of your coupon is appealingA study found that 89% of millennials would try a new brand if they had a coupon or a discount. But the best coupons have more than just a good deal for the customer. They also have a few other key features. Here are some things to think about when making a coupon ad to make it more appealing, which will increase the chances that your campaign will work:

Coupons only work if people see them, and in a world full of ads and other distractions, you need to make a coupon that stands out. In many cases, it’s worth it to hire a graphic designer to make sure your coupon does this. If you don’t have a lot of money, try CouponsABC.

There’s a clear message in it: it needs to look good and have great copy as well. Having one clear marketing message is very important. In short, people should be able to see at a glance what your coupon gives them.

It contains only one call to action: Now that you’ve caught the attention of your audience, it’s time to close the deal. Include a call to action (CTA) to get people to take the next step. This could be a live link to the product you’re promoting for a digital coupon, a coupon code, or instructions to show the ad to a cashier the next time they visit your business.

It lines up with an event: It’s good for business to run holiday-themed ads. No matter what time of year it is, people love a good holiday sale. Keep an eye out for events that are coming up and make a coupon code to give out at those times. Use the holidays as a chance to run promotions that your customers will look forward to every year.

It makes you feel like you need to act. Coupons are meant to be short-term offers that get people to act. Otherwise, they would just be a way to set prices and not a form of advertising. There are two main ways to make people feel like they need to act quickly: offering the coupon for a limited time or giving out a set number of coupons.

This suggests exclusivity: coupon advertising often includes both scarcity and the idea that the item is unique. For example, a business might give special coupons to its followers or people who are in its loyalty programme to get more people to follow or join.


3. Make a plan for coupon distribution and advertising

As more and more businesses use coupons to help sell their products, the number of ways to get those products to customers has also grown. The best place to give out your coupon will depend a lot on what kind of business you have, who your customers are, what you want to achieve with your advertising, and what your overall coupon marketing strategy is. As with any kind of advertising, you want to choose the distribution channel that best fits your target audience and your advertising goal or objective.

It might also be a good idea to use more than one way to get your ad out there. For example, if you want your ad to serve as a reminder to customers you already have, you can share your coupon with your social media followers and email list.

No matter where you choose to give out your coupons, keep in mind that every offer needs to be timely, relevant, and seen as having value in order to get the most exposure and increase customer follow-through.


Where to give out coupons and discount codes

There are many ways to promote your small business with coupons, whether they are printed or online. Most of the time, they are

Mobile apps: If your business has a mobile app, there may be more than one way to show digital coupons to your customers. Some of these are app pop-ups and splash pages, push notifications, and marketing through text or email.

Coupon books: Coupon books can be given away through direct mail, at events, or as part of a customer loyalty programme. Coupon books are another great way to get people to know your brand, especially in small towns.

Email campaigns: Coupons sent through email marketing can be used to bring in new customers, get in touch with customers who have stopped buying from you, encourage repeat business, or thank loyal customers. In fact, 45% of people would like to get emails about food and groceries. If you decide to go this route, make your life easier by using one of the best email marketing platforms to automate tasks and keep track of how well they are doing.

People mostly follow brands on social media to find out about new products and get special deals. So, post your coupons and discount codes on your Facebook Business Page, Facebook Groups, Twitter, Instagram, and any other social media sites you use. You can put them in your regular posts, but the best way to get them into the hands of your ideal customers is to put them in social media ads and use advanced audience targeting.

Newspaper: Print coupons have been used a lot since Coca-Cola gave out the first one in 1887, and yes, coupons are still advertised in newspapers today. Putting coupons in newspapers is a great way for local businesses to reach customers in their area. Find out how much a newspaper ad costs and what goes into it.

Direct mail is another tried-and-true way to market coupons. For instance, postcards are a great way to get coupon ads out there that are cheap and catchy. Visit VistaPrint to get a price quote right away on your postcard specs, or read our article on direct mail marketing ideas for more information.
In-person: Of course, any business with a physical location or that sells goods in one should also think about giving out coupons in person. This can also be done in different ways, depending on your business. For example, you could put coupons on your receipts or on the packaging of your products (like the $1 off sticker or tag on grocery store items).

Coupon sites: If you want to raise awareness of your brand, you could use a site like Askmeoffers or CouponsABC. People use these platforms, like Askmeoffers, which has 12 million active users, to find latest coupons and deals from businesses and brands they have never heard of. Also, local businesses like restaurants or hair salons can use coupons online to bring in new customers.

Websites with lots of coupons 

1. CouponsABC

2. Askmeoffers

How do I make a coupon for my business page on Facebook? 

Facebook Business Pages have a lot of features and functions, and one of them is the ability to create a coupon or discount that can be shared with your followers. Sign in to Facebook and go to the Ads manager to do this. Then, start making a new ad, and when you get to the “Offer” section, make sure the toggle button is turned on. Follow the steps Facebook gives you, or if you don’t have a business page yet, start by learning how to make a Facebook Business Page.


How do coupons get people to buy them? 

Marketing with coupons brings in new customers by giving them a reason to try your business. Offering sales or discounts at the right times can increase conversions by a lot. As part of the marketing plan for your small business, they can also be used to get leads from referrals. For example, service-based businesses like salons often offer a coupon for a new customer along with the same or a similar reward for the customer who sent them.


Bottom Line 

Coupon ads can help almost any kind of business increase sales and bring in new customers. Your success will depend on how good your campaign is, when you run it, and how many customers you can get to use your coupons.

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